Pocket Tapes

Pocket tapes manufactured by BMI are versatile with regard to their use as their users’ demands are diverse. Longitudinal, internal measuring, radii, mm/mm graduation mm/inch graduation, individual case designs and much more. There is almost no limit to your imagination. Owing to the act that these pocket tapes are manufactured in our own factory there are many design options, even for small quantities. Our main focus is of course on precise measuring, perfect handling and long working life.


These BMI advantages are your benefits.

• Durability in rough work environment through rust protection of the tapes (phospate ground coating)

• BMI pocket tapes have a transparent coating as wearing protection, 10 times stronger than any other non-abrasive coatings!

• Long working life of the return lock spring owing to a special spring band steel

• Sophisticated interior: inserted winding coils or distance washers ensure perfectly smooth running

• Robust high-impact ABS or polyamide case

• Tapes with mm-graduation EEC pattern approved, suitable for calibration

• Accuracy acc. to EEC class II

2 m ± 0.7 mm

3 m ± 0.9 mm

5 m ± 1.3 mm

8 m ± 1.9 mm

End fittings

Metal sliding tip, nickel-plated, adjustable for both end-on and hook-on measurements

Internal measuring

With the IN-OUT, VISO, X 4, TOP and TOP-M models the internal measurement can conveniently be read directly from the top sight window. For other models the case length is to be added.

Tape structure

  1. Concaved, tempered spring blade steel of high stability
  2. Anti-corrosive phosphate coating
  3. Synthetic resin
  4. Printed graduation with red meter figures
  5. Clear varnish to protect against wear